selected discographie from about 180 recordings

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DEPART Refire (intakt)

Moments in Time (universal)

The Arrival (intakt)

Exchange (neuklang)

paris buenos aires (musiques suisse)

connex (crystal)*

Symbol Cymbals *


lyoba (ACT)*

AGULA (musique suisse)

buenos aires (neuklang) 


Harry Sokal Heiri Känzig Martin Valihora

Thierry Lang Heiri Känizg Andi Pupato

Chico Fremnan Heiri Känzig Duo

cholet kaenzig papaux trio

feat:m.michel/ m. zisman/ u. bollhalder/ l. friedli

jc cholet, marcel papaux

Billy Hart Charlie Miklin Heiri Känzig

Billy Hart Charlie Miklin Heiri Känzig

thierry lang, matthieu michel, daniel pezotti

different artists

feat:m.michel/ m. zisman/ u. bollhalder/ l. friedli

mountain messenger (ACT)* harry sokal/heiri känzig/jojo mayer
reloaded (ACT)* harry sokal/heiri känzig/jojo mayer
beyond the circle (cristal)* cholet kaenzig papaux trio
autunm circle (altri suoni)* cholet kaenzig papaux trio
under the wale (altri suoni)* cholet kaenzig papaux triot
tien-shan-switzerland-express_live at_the_paleo_nyon_festival(VIRGIN) featuring 22 musicanns from asia and switzerland a.o. zabine,laurance revey,hans kennel
grace of graivity (plainisphare)* charlie mariano  thierry lang  alfredo golino
awakening (LR) kenny wheeler/art lande /francois laiszeau
five stories (mgb) m. michel/christy doran/c. curschellas/ t.lang/ a.golino
timeless  dreams(bellaphon)* sokal/scherer/dudli/känzig
hit hat(extraplatte)* sokal/scherer/dudli/känzig
the winners (tcb)** ambrosetti/lang/kaenzig/schmidlin
ethon netto(plainispare) m.michel/k.rast/p.draeger/t.kapilidis
letters from nowhere(plainisphare)* h.sokal/jojo mayer/h.kaenzig
depart(moers music)* h.sokal/jojo mayer/h.kaenzig
acoustic strings (altri suoni)*

d.pifarely/c.doran/Fabian kuratli

as sideman

find my way (act)

LYOBA REVISTED (ACT)                  

reflections vol. 1-3 (blue note)

Tierry Lang (blue note)

La rose du sable

gabor bolla jojo mayer , robi lakatos

T.Lang M.Michel H.Känzig D. Pezzotti Cello 4tet

t.lang/didier lockwood/paolo fresu a.o.

t.lang/heiri kaenzig/ marcel papaux

chaouki smahi, billy cobham a.o.

ballads(verve) vao feat. betty carter/monika zeterlund a.o.

silverblue (enja)

charlie mariano, heiri känzig, jc cholet...
dedicated to you(blue note) lang/schmidlin/känzig

siroko (nocturne)

ralph towner/olivier ker ourio/heiri kaenzig

foolish memories(ballaphon) 
art farmer 5-tet
a plus tard(label bleu) orchestra national de jazz dircetion denis badault feat elise caron
blues for bud (red note) ambrosetti/angerleri a.o.
silver blue (enja) charlie mariano/heiri kaenzig/ jc cholet/papaux
wunder geschehen >>>SONY MUSIC NENA
estate(tcb) richard galiano, matthieu michel, thierry lang a.o.i
winds and tides (enface) t. lang, david linx a.o.
überland max lässer /büne huber a.o.
unexpected ways (verve) vienna art orchestra
landluft(polygram) ludwig hirsch
a touriste point of view(cdpm) charlie mariaon/claudio angeleri a.o.
book of roses(edel) andreas vollenweider
insula dulcamara (nocturne)

dominique pifarely 4-tet

Lyoba vol 1-2 (musiques suisse)

thierry lang , matthieu michel, & cello quartet

wingspan (blue note)

george robert 4tet                                                  





With the Vienna Art Orchestra: