Sa | 05.12.2015 | Biel | Kirche
     Chico Freeman Heiri Kaenzig Duo

Di | 08.12.2015 | Schiltigheim (F) |
     Chico Freeman Heiri Kaenzig Duo

Mi | 09.12.2015 | Lausanne | Radio
     Thierry Lang/Heiri Kaenzig/Andi Pupato


For those who missed my Interviw at the national Radio SRF >>Click

I am happy to announce that the Duo CD with the great Chico Freemanon on  tenorsax  has arrrived! >> LINK

Mai: Japan Tour with Cholet Kaenzig Papaux Trio

March/April: Europe tour with Billy Hart drums , Charlie miklin saxes

New CD with the exiting and promising young pianist Urs bollhalder and drummer Kevin Chesham to be released juin 15  >>appetizer

March: Europe Tour with Dave Liebman saxes , Antonio Farao p, Gene Calderazo  drums

Reording a new duo album with Chico Freeman to be released summer 2015 on INTAKT

SOUNDS click here     VIDEO click here         REVIEW

The "AGULA" projec is am example of harmonius Swiss and Mongolian culture diplomay via the innate

creativity and diversity of the universally shared language of music.

(Markus Waldvogel Director of Cooperation, DEZA)



am happy to announce that two wonderful piano trio recordings are to be released in September:


NEW CD "SERENITY" (Universal)  Thierry Lang-Heiri Känzig-Andy Pupato.To be released  september! Coming up tour in Japan/Corea September 2014! >> Promo Video 

CD DEPART "REFIRE" IS OUT !!!>> Sound Samples

Radio Interview Musikmagazin SRF >>>LINK

Joining the allstar quartet with Antonio Farao, Joe Lovano and Michael Baker concert in Pisa 27.7.14

3 days in Studio recording with the Chico Freemann fourtet for the new CD

As  the artistic director of "The Mongolian Swiss  Exchange Project "initated by the SDC and the Art Council of Mongolia  Iwill go in May  with my band featuring ; Matthieu Michel flgh, Kaspar Rast,Karin Streule v, Patricia Draeger acc in May for 2 Weeks to Mongolia to rehearse, play and record a new album with the exceptional Mongolian band ARGE BILEG. This exiting Project will be also be touring  in Switzerland end of November 2014.

Booking Europe: hugo(at)faascintaing.com                  
Check out the video on  >>youtube ARGE BILEG

Japan Tour Lang-Kaenzig-Pupato from 4-11 Feb.2014  
6th. Feb. concert at the officiale ceremony "150 years Relationship Japan Switzerland"at the Hyatt Grand Tokyo. 

New Band :Chicco Freeman 4tet feat: Antonio Farao p, Michel Baker dr (Withney Huston) check out the video on >> youtube